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of Crude & Refined Oil of all types of Liquid Cargo

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BAT-Logistika, LLC

Area of Business Activities;

The activities of the BAT-Logistika, LLC are in the sector of: freight Forwarding, shipbrokers, charterers, and other intermediaries in the transportation of goods and liquid cargo. One of the main Area of Business Activities of BAT-Logistika, LLC is 'Transportation and storage'.

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Legal Details of

BAT-Logistika, LLC;

BAT-Logistika, LLC was Registered in "June 22, 2011" in the state at the Commercial registry of Russia Federation with Reg. Number (OGRN): 1117847255228 , and TAX number (INN): 7805556925 in the Line of business; Cargo handling and storage, Transport other freight processing / freight Forwarders, shipbrokers, charterers, Storage and warehousing, Organization of cargo transportation, Other auxiliary activity of railway transport and other intermediaries in the transport of goods.

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Services We Provide

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Storage Services

We provide Storage Tanks For Storage of Liquid Cargoes

We provide Storage Tanks to our clients for lease and or sub-lease for reception and storage of all types of liquid cargo (Refined and Crude oil petroleum products) in port of Rotterdam and other major Commercial sea ports..

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Freight Forwarding

We provide Logistics Services for Transportation of Liquid Cargo and temporary storage for our clients.

Ship Brokering & Chartering Services

We provide services of ship brokers & vessel hiring to our Clients for transportation of all types of sea freight cargoes.

Cargo Handling

We rendered the services of Handling of various types of Cargoes in commercial sea ports

Logistics Services we provides and types of Reception of Liquid Cargo & Storage

From Pipelines:

Reception From Pipelines:

We Provides Logistics Services of storage facilities under sub-lease with capacity to receive liquid cargo directly from the oil and oil products pipeline system depending on the location in which the oil products is being transported from to the storage facility..

From Sea:

Reception From Sea:

Transshipment of oil products are organized mainly by BAT-Logistika, LLC by loading petrochemicals, petroleum and oil products on the vessel tankers with the maximum loading capacity up to 150 000 DWT to any Destination of it's Customers...

From Land:

Reception From Land:

Provides Logistics Services of storage facilities under sub-lease with capacity to receive liquid cargo directly from railway trestles which are possible at the same time to process up 92 cars tanks..



We provide Logistics Services for reception of Liquid Cargo and storage in Shore tanks for temporary lease and or sub-leased to third parties and accepts, stores and passes the following petrochemicals, petroleum and oil products: Crude, Naphtha, Gasoil , Gasoline, Petrochemicals, jet fuel "aviation kerosene", fuel oil, diesel oil, “LPFO” virgin oil D6.


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BAT-Logistika, LLC

Information Department: info@bat-logistika.ru
Logistics Department: logistics_dpt@bat-logistika.ru
Phone: +7 (903) 288 6841 / +7 (903) 288 6871
Website: www.bat-logistika.ru
Address: 198095, ST. PETERSBURG, ul. VOZROZHDENIYA, 20A, of. 305.


Email: rotterdam-storage@bat-logistika.ru
Phone: +31 (10) 3104 261


Email: houston@bat-logistika.ru
Phone: +1 (703) 6592 501

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